about sofia velosa borges

I am a digital artist currently based in Lisbon, Portugal. I have been studying at OCAD University in Toronto, Canada for the past four years, and my practice has shifted drastically since then. Having come from a graphic design background, I decided to pursue digital animation. During the course of my undergraduate, my work has developed a focus on 2D and experimental animation, using both digital and analog mediums. I frequently explore film, photography and collage, attempting to combine the different skills I have acquired. 

My work has a tendency to focus on more intimate themes, thought it may vary. I am interested in exploring the intricate relationships we develop during our lifetime, and enjoy working with both personal and shared memories and experiences. 

The digital animation current I follow revolves around a play with shapes and colours, deeply influenced by my art history education and my interest in post World War modern art. Despite also working with conventional narratives, my animations are usually less focused on that aspect, and emphasize the formality of the medium.

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